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February 2022 Newsletter

Like the melting ice on the River Neva in Russia, the travel log-jamb caused by the multitudinous and confusing Covid regulations seems to be shifting. The news which percolates through to me in the vast open spaces of Yorkshire from…

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A Few Days Around Rutland Water

There has just been an advertising campaign encouraging visitors to Northamptonshire citing amongst other things the plethora of country houses, to which you could easily add the breath-taking expanse of unsullied countryside rare on our crowded island. Aspect Events, in…

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The Rothschild Tour and the Vale of Aylesbury

This tour included a visit to the church of North Marston which at one time was the third most-visited shrine in England and includes a small embrasure into which the sufferer inserted his foot in order to experience relief. Well,…

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Apethorpe: A Mansion Revived

It seems hard to believe that a spectacular house like Apethorpe could be forgotten, neglected, and brought to the verge of dereliction in the last fifty years. It is hardly situated in the wilds. It is only twelve miles from…

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From Prague to Berlin

Two of Central Europe’s most fascinating cities, and a cruise between the two to view sights which are not on the usual tourist trail.

Firstly the journey is not as easy as it sounds as the cities are not directly …

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A Few Days in Menton

Do you remember the Rum Baba? It used to be a standard on the Dessert Trolleys which whizzed round the dining rooms of hotels in my youth. I suppose they are banned now (dessert trolleys, I mean) as being a …

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Miss Beatrice’s Pink Palace

travel editions logoBeatrice de Rothschild and the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap Ferrat.

On Cap Ferrat, it sits like a cherry on the top of a trifle, the pink palace of Beatrice de Rothschild. The views from it and of it are …

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A Few Days in Edinburgh – May 2015

image003How proud Scotland should be of its National Gallery on Edinburgh’s Mound. This handsome Greek Revival building by William Playfair is one of the most intimate of great world museums, thanks to Timothy Clifford’s splendid recreation of the original interiors. …

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A Few Days in Nice, Spring 2015 – 49

nice-poolWhy would you want to be in England in late March when you can be in the South of France where the air is balmy and the sky that colour that gives the coast its name, azure?

We were visiting …

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A Few Days in the Scottish Borders – 47

Will there be border-guards next time I drive across the River Tweed into Berwick? Will I pay for my petrol in Euros and will Scotland still be in the European Union? It is all very much in the air as…

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