All UK breaks In conjunction with Travel Editions

  • 23rd to 26th May 2021 – Country Houses of Sussex

  • 11th-14th July 2021 – Country Houses of Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire

  • 1st-4th August 2021 Country Houses of Sussex

  • 15th-18th August 2021 Country Houses of Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire

  • 22nd-25th August 2021 – The Rothschilds in the Vale of Aylesbury

  • 12th- 15th September 2021 – Country Houses of Cheshire

  • 19th-22nd September 2021 – Stately Homes of Derbyshire

  • 17th-20th October 2021 – Country Houses of Staffordshire

Our three day tours to various counties of England are designed to introduce you to some of the great houses of our country.

English Country Houses are renowned the world over for their architecture, their contents and the history they evoke. You are based in a comfortable local hotel, with good food and attentive service.

I accompany these tours and to ensure your enjoyment of the houses to be visited there will be at least one preparatory talk.

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In conjunction with Travel Editions & Noble Caledonia

  • Villas and Gardens of the Cote d’Azur
    25th October – 1st November 2021
    In Conjunction with Travel Editions.

  • Passage through Pomerania
    16th-22nd July 2021
    In conjunction with Noble-Caledonia.

  • Autumn in Provence
    30th September – 6th October 2021
    In Conjunction with Noble-Caledonia.

Of the three overseas tours one is the popular VILLAS & GARDENS OF THE COTE D’AZUR, organised by Travel Editions and originated seven years ago by myself. It has proved popular since its inception. The tours organised by Noble-Caledonia take you to a fairly unfamiliar part of Germany, Pomerania. Hence, PASSAGE THROUGH POMERANIA. This is Northern Germany much associated with, in medieval times,  the Hanseatic League which gave rise to its own particular architecture. In the 19th century the shores of the Baltic, with its strange light, drew the German artist Kaspar David Friedrich to its shores, and of even more recent date is the bizarre ‘holiday-camp’ built by the Nazis on the Island of Rugen. The area remains a popular destination for Berliners on vacation. The second Noble-Caledonia holiday, AUTUMN IN PROVENCE, takes you to the lower stretches of the River Rhone. A lovely time of the year to visit this region, which allows you to grasp something of the history of the area, which has seen not only the Romans pass this way but also provided a refuge for the Popes of Rome, and seen the departure of St Louis on the Crusades.

For all three tours I have prepared special lectures to help set the scene.

For all enquiries and bookings please see the websites of the respective companies: or for Noble-Caledonia


Full details can be obtained by contacting Nicholas Merchant
Tel: 01423 340017


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