For some 10 years, both independently and for leading travel companies, Nicholas has prepared decorative art lectures on expeditions to various parts of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Britain has more to offer than any country in the world as far as country houses, churches, and art galleries is concerned, and Nicholas aims to lead you to them and shed light on some obscure and not-so-obscure destinations, both in the UK and in Europe.

Walls of Aigues Mortes

The most enduring part of our programme is or twice-yearly stay at Rothay Manor in the Lake District. This is a unique holiday where collectors gather informally for talks and visits to people and places of interest. We have had visitors from as far away as Czechoslovakia and the USA. This fixture has become just that in our calendar.

Second on the list is “Villas and Gardens of the Côte d’Azur”, organised by Travel Editions. Whether you travel by plane or train this part of France never fails to delight. Also our short breaks of three days to visit some of our rich heritage of Country Houses continues to be popular. We try to take you to less well-known areas, and this coming year we will tour the houses of Cheshire, notably Erdigg, Tatton and Dunham Massey with its staggering collection of silver.

19th Century St Petersburg

The River Cruise with Noble-Caledonia along the waterways of the Netherlands was a particular pleasure last year, notably the Mauritshuis in the Hague, and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, as well as the eye-ball-searing colours of the flowers at Keukenhof. Noble-Caledonia also offers you a Week in Provence early in September. Plenty of Roman remains on this tour as we glide along the river from Avignon, Pont du Gard, Maison Carée in Nimes, and also the extraordinary citadel of Aigues Mortes, standing intact after it was built by Louis IX, as a point of his departure for the 7thcrusade in 1240.

The Baltic Cruise with Fred Olsen aboard the Braemar, takes you not only to the glittering spires and pastel-coloured palaces of St Petersburg, but to sea-girt Copenhagen and Helsinki, which was for many years part of Imperial Russia.

For all these journeys Nicholas has prepared special relevant talks to enhance the pleasure of your visit.

Nicholas is former Chairman of the Art Fund West Yorkshire

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