For some 10 years, both independently and for leading travel companies, Nicholas has prepared decorative art lectures on expeditions to various parts of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Britain has more to offer than any country in the world as far as country houses, churches, and art galleries is concerned, and Nicholas aims to lead you to them and shed light on some obscure and not-so-obscure destinations, both in the UK and in Europe.

What about the treasures to be found in Regensburg, or the monuments in Warkton Church, or a back-from-the-dead Jacobean palace, Apethorpe or Lawrence Johnston’s  “other garden”? All these have been visited in the past year.

To this list in 2018 we add the charming and sometimes forgotten city of Lisbon, where you will find Lalique jewellery, silver made for the Emperor of Brazil, a palace by a football stadium, and the Baroque splendours of a lost Empire.

Nicholas is Chairman of the Art Fund in West Yorkshire.

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Villas And Gardens Of The Côte D’Azur

Villas and Gardens of the Côte d’Azur

Nicholas Merchant Guest Lecturer 9th - 16th April (Available) - 23rd - 30th April 2018 (Sold out) - October 2018 - March 2019
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Country Houses of the Scottish Borders

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21st - 24th March 2018
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Country Houses of Northamptonshire & Lincolnshire

Nicholas Merchant Guest Lecturer 22nd - 25th July 2018 and 19th - 22nd August 2018
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The Rothschild Tour

29th July - 1st August 2018 & 2nd - 5th September 2018
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Berlin to Prague – NEW

2018 dates available shortly
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