Excellent lectures which we so enjoyed and which provided so much helpful background

Derbyshire August 2016

Tour guide, Nicholas, was very knowledgeable, which made the visits to the various houses all the more interesting.

Northamptonshire June 2016

Nicholas Merchant had encyclopaedic knowledge of each place we visited and left us well informed, entertained and amused.

Villas and Gardens of the Cote d’Azur – April 2016

Nicholas’s talks were delightful.

Villas and Gardens of the Cote d’Azur – April 2016

Once again many thanks for organising a most enjoyable stay at the Rothay Manor – good talks, good visits and good company!

Rothay Manor – Autumn 2015

“Many thanks for a terrific time… Your organisation and knowledge plus enthusiasm were first class.”
“Another very enjoyable holiday.”
“A wonderful holiday.”
“Such an enjoyable short break.”

Country Houses of Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire – August 2015

Nicholas Merchant – what can I say! Such a superb lecturer. His talks were great and he has such a wonderful sense of humour. His descriptions and style make me wish his talks went on longer.

KS Villas and Gardens of the cote d’azur – Spring 2015

The tour lived up to expectations; both Nicholas and Serge (tour manager) were excellent and complemented each other with knowledge and enthusiasm – and charm.

Higgins – Spring 2015

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your talks and general information during the ‘castles and Houses of the Clyde’ cruise on the Princess. It is rare to encounter a knowledgeable person who also has a sense of humour and can disseminate facts in an interesting, engaging manner.

AP – Hebridean Princess

Greatly enjoyed your talks, it made the trip worthwhile.

MT – Hebridean Princess

One final point, Nicholas Merchant was superb throughout.

Country Houses of Derbyshire – June 2014

Nicholas Merchant was an excellent guide and looked after all of our needs.

Country Houses of Derbyshire – 2014

Tour Manager Nicholas was superb.

Country houses of Northamptonshire – October 2014