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A few days in the country – Kyre Park, Worcestershire

Have you ever been deafened by silence? The silence at Kyre is total, no motor-way…

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February 2022 Newsletter

Like the melting ice on the River Neva in Russia, the travel log-jamb caused by…

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A Few Days Around Rutland Water

There has just been an advertising campaign encouraging visitors to Northamptonshire citing amongst other things…

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The Rothschild Tour and the Vale of Aylesbury

This tour included a visit to the church of North Marston which at one time…

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From Prague to Berlin

Two of Central Europe’s most fascinating cities, and a cruise between the two to view sights which are not on the usual tourist trail.
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Apethorpe: A Mansion Revived

It seems hard to believe that a spectacular house like Apethorpe could be forgotten, neglected,…

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